Grammar checker, and style checker explain.

The weirdness of this exercise, combined with how strange each sentence now feels, will make your writing seem “new.” It might not be the most comfortable method, but it is highly effective. Give it a try and see how you like it. 5. Use a dictionary. Some of you who read our article on the usefulness of reading books may remember that one of our staff members has actually been “reading” the dictionary this year.

It should be "10 Items or Fewer." Why? Because "items" are quantifiable — you can count out 10 items. Use "fewer" for things that are quantifiable, like "fewer M&Ms" or "fewer road trips." Use "less" for things that aren't quantifiable, like "less candy" and "less traveling." 25) Semicolons. Semicolons are used to connect two independent clauses that, though they could stand on their own, are closely related.

I’m thinking of purchasing it. Your review was very helpful. I like to write romance books but the one thing I dread is the editing process. I know I lack the detail needed and to be honest I can’t afford rounds of professional editing. I’m hoping this will assist me in my efforts. Yes, Grammarly is a good app.

Grammar checker, and style checker explain.

23) Assure vs. Insure vs. Ensure. All of these words have to do with "making an outcome sure," which is why they're so often mixed up. However, they aren't interchangeable. "To assure" means to promise or say with confidence. For example, "I assure you that he's good at his job." "To ensure" means to make certain. For example, "Ensure you're free when I visit next weekend." Finally, "to insure" means to protect against risk by regularly paying an insurance company.

If anything, this should be a +1 under “nonstandard variants.” RE Web site vs. website. Did you run it as one word, and then Grammarly told you it should be two and capped? As I read it above, you -1’d them because Grammarly didn’t tell you to to close it up. “Web site” isn’t wrong, it just isn’t the style you want. I’m not defending Grammarly — it still sounds like crap — but if you’re going to tear the thing apart, your rips should be legitimate. All good points. Thank you for the feedback. You’re right that the “Web site” criticism is especially unfair, so we’ll take that out.

I have been able to log into the service from my Mac, but only using Firefox. I cannot log into the site using Safari on a Mac or on an iPad (support folks told me that Grammarly would not work on tablets – I would never have paid $140 for the service had I known that) and I can’t log on using my Windows machine at all, not via a browser or the Word 2013 plugin. The service simply will not accept my email address and password as correct. I have never received a single email message from the Grammarly support folks, even though the submission page states that an email will be sent within hours. My experience has been abysmal and I am going to ask for a refund today.

The misused word detector, grammar checker, and style checker explain the mistakes and suggestions to you. Click an error and choose the "Explain . " option.



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